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Constant Voltage Transformer

Currently We are dealing in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar & Madhya Pradesh. Perfect for all type of electronic equipments, our Constant Voltage Transformers are the reliable source of instantaneous voltage regulation. They are also good surge suppressors, as they provide high isolation and inherent short-circuit protection. Designed with perfection, our CVTs are obtainable in standard as well as tailored specifications as per the client’s needs.

Moe about Constant Voltage Transformer :

  • e-Genesis™ pure sine wave CVT is designed with complete protection against power related problems. It has no semiconductors or moving parts, hence very high reliability. It bridges short interruptions and dips in power supply. Output voltage is corrected within ½ Cycle (10 ms) from no load to full load for specified load and line variation.        
  • e-Genesis™ are equipped with intrinsic current limiting and short circuit protection and also very high line transient/spike rejection capability and excellent input to output isolation characteristics. Thus, act as a perfect remedy for all type of electronic equipments.

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